OrganoTex® Consumer products

OrganoTex® Consumer products

OrganoTex® Textile waterproofing

OrganoTex® Textile waterproofing is a biodegradable water repellent product applied on garments or textile products by spray-on or wash-in in washing machines. The product re-impregnate garments where the previous impregnation has been worn-out or impregnates garments that never has had water repellent properties.

After extensive use, most outdoor garments lose their water reppellent properties due to mechanical abresion or severe washing. OrganoTex® Textile waterproofing effectively restore the water repellent properties to the garments. The products can however, also be used for impregnation of clothes and textile products that have never had water repellent properties such as fashion clothes, pillows or textile furnitures. As the products are not film forming and binds effectively to the fibers, the softness and breathability of the fabrics are not effected and the garments thus remain their original feeling.

The products are readily biodegradable in accordance with OECD 301C, free from flurocarbons (e.g. PFAS, PFOS, PFOA), cyclic siloxanes, isocyanates and other propblematic commonly used textile chemicals. They are classified as non-toxic according to CLP and are thus easy to use for consumers. 

OrganoTex® Textile waterproofing are currently sold through a network of retailers and brand partners in Scandinavia such a Naturkompaniet, Alewalds, Topsport, Houdini, and Kronans barnvagnar. For more information about the products and your closest dealer, please visit the OrganoTex®  brand site.