BIOkleen® - maintenance and cleaning products

BIOkleen® - maintenance and cleaning products

OrganoClick is through its subsidiary Biokleen supplying a broad range of sustainable maintenance and cleaning products. Under the brand name BIOkleen® we supply products for houses, properties, and automotives, many which is eco-labeled with Good environmental choice.

Maintenance of houses and properties

BIOkleen® products are supplied for both the house-owning consumer and the professional real estate manager. Products  include facade wash, roof wash and algae and mold removers. Biokleen also have a complete wood protection system for maintenance of deckings. Many of our products are eco-labeled with the Swedish Nature Conservation Agency's eco-label "Good environmental choice".

Cleaning and maintenance for cars and heavy vehicles

Biokleen supplies a broad range of maintenance and cleaning products for cars and heavy transportation vehicles. Products include prewash, car wash, degreasing agents and car polish. Many of the products are eco-labelled with the Nordic swan

Biokleen's products are sold through a broad network of resellers in Sweden comprising of more than 600 paint dealers, building suppliers or professional dealers. You can find Biokleen®-products in e.g. Nordsjö Färg & Design, Caparol, Bolist, XL-BYGG, Jula, Granngården, and Ahlsell and many other local paint dealers. For more information about our products or where you can find your closest dealer or reseller, please visit Biokleen's homepage.